A hidden gem in Singhampton

If you haven’t heard about Haisai Restaurant, you’re in for a treat. The food is spectacular. Haisai operates under the guidance of renowned chef Michael Stadtlander which puts it at the top of any foodie’s list of dining experiences. Ingredients are sourced from legendary Eigensinn Farm, local organic farms and the wild, thanks to skillful foraging. You’ll find puffball mushrooms and organic rainbow trout from Manitoulin Island, whitefish from Lake Erie. Chef Min Young Lee who trained under Stadtlander and did stints at Newfoundland’s Fogo Island Inn and Scaramouche and George in Toronto, turns out a spectacular and surprisingly affordable array of dishes. Think wood-fired pizza with wild leek pesto, red beet and potato gratin and wood-oven roasted pork shoulder. Sweet offerings include Vienna apple strudel and Eigensinn Farm pine honey and lemon verbena ice cream. Hungry? Singhampton’s just half an hour from Georgian Sands! Photo credit: haisai.ca website.

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