It’s Time to Declutter

It’s Time to Declutter!

At Georgian Sands, we build our homes with ample space for making memories as a family, not just home storage! That is why we are here to help you declutter your home and truly organize all your stuff—virtually of course! Whether you are preparing for the holidays, preparing for a move, or looking to revamp your space, decluttering is a necessary step to getting your home truly organized! Without further ado, here is our list of tips and suggestions for cleaning up clutter.

1) Start Small and Start From Zero

Whether you are decluttering a closet, a vanity, or a whole room, you want to start as close to empty as possible. Commit to clearing your space and see how much easier it is to say goodbye to those unwanted items when you have to put them back!

2) Do Not Get Distracted by Fun Stuff

We all get distracted by wonderful old items rediscovered. Sometimes this can send you into a time-vortex that ends several hours later! Work up the willpower to put these items aside and look at them after your decluttering session. Look at these items with a clear mind, after taking the time to honour them, and if they need to be let go then let them go with a clear conscience.

It’s Time to Declutter

3) Create A List to Keep You On Track

Sometimes you just need an idea of where to even start your decluttering journey. It is helpful to take some time to make a plan of attack and consider some of the more problem areas of your home. Do you have way too much bakeware? Maybe you have stacks of magazines blocking your path. Create a list of things you want to go through and begin checking them off. If you need some inspiration, check out minimalist Joshua Becker’s list of items to organize here.

4) Create A List of Questions to Ask Yourself For Those Hard-To-Get-Rid-Of Items

Sometimes, in your decluttering journey, you will be asked to make difficult decisions. It is helpful in these moments to ask yourself questions to ensure you are keeping or getting rid of these items for the right reasons. We love this list from This Simple Balance:

  • Have I/we used this in the past six months?
  • Is this something I will actually use? Or is it something I want to want to use?
  • Can I replace this item easily and inexpensively?
  • Is the time I spend maintaining this item worth the value/joy it gives me?
  • Does this item propel me towards my goals?

5) Try to Make It Fun!

There are many ways you can make decluttering a fun activity for you and your family. Here are a couple different ways you can make getting rid of unneeded items fun and easy:

1) Choose one item a day to get rid of (that is 365 items in a year!). You can even challenge yourself this November to get rid of one item on the first, two on the second, and so on—that is 465 items in a month! Create a fun display or even just a spot to tally your items, and we promise you will look forward to decluttering!

2) Try the 12-12-12 Challenge. Pick 12 items you want to donate, 12 items to throw away, and 12 items to be put away. This is easy to do in an afternoon at home and can easily become a competition where whoever collects all their items fastest wins a prize!

When you have collected all your items for donation, donate them to a local charity that helps your community. Whether it is your local clothing donation box, parish, or Habitat for Humanity ReStore. For those larger items, like old furniture, construction debris, or the like, give local companies like Just Junk in Wasaga Beach a call save you a trip!

It’s Time to Declutter

Georgian Sands is the perfect place for families looking for adventure, and more space! Our homes are for making memories as a growing family, for learning new weekend hobbies, and so much more. Our 2-storey family homes in Wasaga Beach have enough room for you and your family, both inside and outside. If you are looking for more—more home, more backyard, more memories—we want to help you make the move! Just tap here to speak to one of our dedicated sales representatives.

Be sure to connect with us on Instagram or Facebook to share your decluttering tips—we’re always looking for more!

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