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5 Ways to Enjoy the Beach - In Spring!

Spring has sprung, and it is officially time to adventure! As the days begin to lengthen and the weather starts to get warmer, opportunities for adventure are all around. Wasaga Beach is a great spot to visit year-round, and Spring is no exception!

We’ve compiled a list of our 5 favourite things to do at the beach in Spring. First up:

Have a Scavenger Hunt!

The beach is home to so many varieties of wildlife and nature, as well as possible treasure! Plan a beach-side scavenger hunt and let the race begin! Split into two teams and be sure to take pictures of everything you find. Whoever finds all the items first wins.

Here are some examples of items you can search for on the beach:

  • Seashells
  • Semi-precious stones
  • Bird tracks
  • Feathers
  • Coins

Things to do in Wasaga Beach

Make sure to add some of your own ideas to the list! We would love to see what you found, so tag us on Instagram @georgiansandswasaga or post it on our Facebook page!

Interact with Some Flora and Fauna!

Things to do in Wasaga Beach

Animals like the beach, too! In most cases you will likely have to be up fairly early in the morning, but we promise that the sight is totally worth it. There are so many lovely plants and animals to find when you stroll down the world’s longest freshwater beach!

Some of the creatures you can see on the beach and on the surrounding trails are:

There are so many more different kinds of birds, plants, mushrooms, mammals, and insects! Why not spend a day discovering the many kinds of creatures that make up our environment? On that note…

Collect Natural Art Supplies!

Things to do in Wasaga Beach

Beaches are full of creative inspiration! The blue of the water, the flowing sand, not to mention the many shells and semi-precious stones to enjoy. Why not bring some of the beach home with you and turn it into an art project? For instance:

Make sure you send us photos of whatever projects you try! Tag us on Instagram @georgiansandswasaga or post it on our Facebook page.

Have a Picnic on the Beach

Wasaga Beach has many picnic tables that you and your family can use to create lovely springtime memories by the beach. Fly a kite, play badminton, or simply relax by the water as a family—no matter how you choose to spend your picnic time you’ll leave feeling centred, and full of delicious food!

Things to do in Wasaga Beach

When packing for your family picnic remember to keep the natural beauty of the environment in mind. Here are some simple changes you can make to reduce your environmental footprint:

  • Pack a lunch that doesn’t require plates
    • Not only will it be easier to eat, but it’ll also mean less to pack or buy! Sandwiches, veggie sticks, and homemade sweets are all great options that could easily go in take-home containers.
  • Fill reusable bottles at home with your drink of choice
  • Use a cooler or reusable bag to pack everything
    • Bonus points if you have a cute picnic basket!

We would love to see what your go-to picnic food is—we love a muffuletta or quiche! Send us your recipes on Instagram @georgiansandswasaga or post them to our Facebook page.

Walk the Beach!

No matter what time of year you go to Wasaga Beach, the sand and surf are welcoming and relaxing. Some days we just like to walk the beach and meditate or sit and watch the water. There’s always something to see and do!

We would love for you to share your favourite spring activities with us. You can find us on Instagram and Facebook—make sure to tag us!

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