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Top 5 Bike Trails and Road Climbs in Simcoe County

Simcoe County is home to one of the most extensive multi-use trail networks and some of the most scenic road cycling climbs in the province. Making it a great destination for cyclists year-round! From Creemore to Elmvale to Thornbury and more, cyclists from across the country flock to Simcoe’s trails and road climbs for hours of scenic travel and, of course, FUN!

We have collected some of our favourite routes in Wasaga Beach and the surrounding area for you and your family to explore. Some of these routes are harder than others, but we encourage you to safely challenge yourself—and stop for a picnic along the way!

Carly Patterson Trail

Difficulty: Easy

Length: 11 km

Start: Wasaga Beach RecPlex, 1724 Mosley Street

The Carly Patterson Memorial Trail is great for experiencing wildlife! As a creekside trail, the mixture of swamp and upland forests make this a perfect early morning ride. White-tailed deer, wild turkey, and several rare woodpecker species can all be found when biking this route.

Cycle Simcoe recommends a hybrid bike for this trail as it is a combination of quiet roads and stone dusted trail.

Wasaga Dunes Loop

Difficulty: Easy

Length: 14 km

Start: Town Hall Parking Lot, 30 Lewis Street

If you have not seen the Wasaga parabolic dunes, you simply must! Situated not only among the dunes but within a forest of mature oak and pine trees, this loop is a testament to the diverse environment of Simcoe County. The full expanse of the dunes can be best seen at the intersection of Klondike Park Road and Powerline Road. Make sure to snap a photo or two when you get there!

Collingwood Wasaga Connection

Difficulty: Easy

Length: 15 km

Start: Wasaga Beach RecPlex, 1724 Mosley Street

If you were looking to get from Wasaga Beach to Collingwood without spending any gas money, this 15km ride is your ticket! Travelling down Shore Lane to Beachwood Road and beyond, this route takes you into the heart of Collingwood. With so much to see between those two towns, this is a great, relatively short ride that you and your family can enjoy.


Cycle Simcoe advises:

For a longer, more challenging on-road route, take the Wasaga Collingwood link to the Escarpment based routes. If you and your family are looking for a flatter, less challenging ride, take the route which follows quiet streets until it reaches the Heather Pathway. 

 Note: Riders looking to only cycle one direction can take the Wasaga Collingwood bus link, as it can transport bikes.

Iron Bridge Route

Difficulty: Moderate

Length: 35 km

Start: Wasaga Beach RecPlex, 1724 Mosley Street

This relatively flat route, named after the historic single-lane Iron Bridge that marks its halfway point, may be a little longer than our previous suggestions, but it is well worth the ride. Encompassing cedar forests, lush farmland, the southern shores of Georgian Bay and three different meeting points with the Nottawasaga River, this path is a lush, leisurely loop with so much character.

Cycle Simcoe notes: shoreline roads near Wasaga Beach will be busy during peak season. If you want to avoid the crowds and have the beach to yourself, take this ride early in the morning.

The 7 Beaches Route

Difficulty: Moderate

Length: 60 km

Start: Wasaga Beach RecPlex, 1724 Mosley Street

The full length of the 7 Beaches Route is 60 km, which we do not recommend doing without the proper practice and stamina. But, that does not mean you have to do this route in its entirety! This path starts at historic Balm Beach and travels all the way down to the heart of Collingwood, with a detour along Wasaga Beach itself.

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